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Automotive and Farm Parts and Supplies

Full Vehicle Service
  • Oil change

  • Check fluid levels  -  brakes, steering, coolant, washer fluid  *

  • Check battery  *

  • Tire inspection & pressure  *

  • Check air filter  *

  • Check fuel filter on diesel engines  *

  • Steering inspection  *

  • Check lights  *

* Additional charges apply for fluids and replacement parts

Service & Repairs
Our mechanics can service and repair your vehicle and equipment.  Call us today to book your vehicle or equipment in. We can install Brakes, Fuel Pumps and fix Electrical problems.  We can also help you with Trailers, if you need to have a Hitch installed for your towing needs or if you need work done on your Trailer we can help you out.  We also have a great selection of Name Brand Hitches and Electrical products. 
Bono Holdings currently has a large supply of tires for both farm implements and passenger vehicles, in a variety of brands.  Have an off-size tire or a favorite brand?  No problem!  Just call ahead and we will bring in your tire of choice.  Our guys can also repair or replace your tire in our shop.  For best service, please call first!*** 
Automotive Accessories
Our shelves are always well stocked with oil additives, fuel system additives, diesel fuel anti-foulant, lubricating sprays, grease and more.  We also carry brake fluid, brake cleaner, carb cleaners, automotive mouse repellant, and leather vehicle cleaners and conditioners. Bono Holdings has a great variety of great quality products for a wide selection of your vehicle needs.  Stop in and check out our in-store weekly specials on these products.  We also carry a wide variety of Winter Gloves and Winter Coolants/Antifreeze and Winter Windshield Washer Fluids.  
Bono Holdings has a  HUGE selection of the most common Interstate Batteries with their excellent warranties available in our shop for that cold morning when your truck refuses to turn over.  If you have an unusual battery or prefer a different brand, please let us know as we can bring in your battery of choice.
Wix Auto Spares
We carry an extensive inventory of WIX Brand oil, fuel, and air filters to fit your vehicle.  
Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings
At Bono Holdings we build and repair hydraulic hoses and we have a HUGE selection of fittings.  
We stock a large supply of quality bearings, housings, and seals.  If we don't have what you need we can order it for you!
Bono Holdings has a large supply of quality bearings, housings, and seals.  If we don't have what you need we can order it for you!
Renold Chain
Renold Chain provides chain solutions for hundreds of applications. They manufacture the world's finest specification chain. Renold Chain has excellent wear and fatigue resistance with a long, reliable working life.  
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