Livestock Handling

We carry a wide variety of Gallagher equipment in-store, along with diagnostic tools like volt meters, so that your fence never needs to be down.  Gallagher also offers weighing and EID systems.

Offering both permanent and movable fencing, electric or battery powered energizers, and all of the pieces needed to assemble and maintain your electric fence, Gallagher is your one-stop shop.

Gallagher's reputation for practical, realistic fencing solutions is built on the fact that it is a company developed for farmers by farmers.  The products they launch and improve upon each year are developed and tested in farm environments to make sure they hold up

Introducing The New M10000i Series Energizer.  The world's largest, most powerfull Energizer.

Bono Holdings prides itself on only providing our customers with quality feed for their livestock.  We have a healthy inventory of Supplement feed for your livestock.  Please call for information and pricing.

Bono Holdings is excited to introduce Riomax Lick Tubs to our Livestock Supplement Feed Line.  Riomax is a quality produced product with proven history for providing Ranchers with products to help them manage their year-round programs.  There are many products available for different times of the year, to help producers manage their herds.

Pre-Calving / Calving


Summer Grazing / Fly control

Late Season / Fall Grazing

Winter Programs

Call us for information and pricing on this new product.

Bono Holdings also carries the Saltec Supplement Feed Tubs.  This is a good quality Supplement Feed tub that we have carried for many years.  Please call for Information and pricing.

Bono Holdings is very excited to introduce our new product.  Range 22 MF Altosid is a Supplement for all classes of Beef Cattle.  This Supplement Prevents Adult Horn Fly Emergence from Manure of Treated Beef Cattle.  Please call for Information and pricing.

Bono Holdings is registered with the CCIA and is stocked with RFID tags, Durflex eartag blanks, tag applicators and marking pens to keep your cattle accounted for.  We can also order numbered tags and personalized tags marked with your Ranch name or brand.

We keep a selection of basic vet needs on hand, including diatomaceous earth, broad-spectrum antibiotic, dry colostrum, liquid vitamin, and boluses along with equine de-wormer.

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