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AGI has introduced a NEW UTX U-Trough Auger.  This Auger was Built with resilience and longevity in mind.  This Auger was built to withstand the harshest physical demands. 

The NEW UTX-U Trough Auger has the following Features

  • ​Wear Edge Technology - Extends the life of the Flighting

  • Durable Powder Coat Paint - Protects the Auger Finish and Repels Rust.

  • Removeable Tow Bar - Easily Connects and Detaches from Hitch

  • Solid Tube Guard - Completely encloses the Driveline

  • Square One-Bolt Flight Connections - Provides Improved performance through postive torque transfer for smooth operation.

  • Hydraulic Winch - Helps Raise and Lower the Auger with ease and precision.

  • Triple Banded Belts - Maintains Speed by Providing Better Tension with less Slippage.

  • Sealed, Grease - Lubricated Top Drive - Comes with Forged Steel  Sprockets and Heavy Duty Chain, Both Protected by Durable Cover and Designed to Match the Auger Capacity.

  • Top Drive Chain Tensioner - Provides Better Adjustment Capabilities and Consistent Chain Drive Tension.

  • Drive Shaft and Bearings are Constructed of Durable Oil Impregnated Hardwood for Long, Quiet Operation and can be easily replaced without dissembling the Driveshaft.

  • Hose Routing Provides a Cleaner, Sleeker Look, while Protecting the hoses from the elements.

AGI X Series


AGI’s Retracting Swing Auger offers the convenience of being able to extend, swing side-to-side and retract, without having to move or reposition the truck.  The X-Tend was designed to work with the X13.  It's fast and convenient!

Once a grain trailer is in position, the swing tube is extended.  The power swing moves the low-profile hopper side-to-side, reaching the truck hoppers with ease.  The X-Tend then retracts to allow grain trailers to drive away.

X-Tend Hopper Features

  • Low-profile hopper positions under grain trailers with ease.

  • Hydraulic power swing with large lug tires, allow for precise positioning and maximum traction 

  • Dual flighting channels grain flow into the swing tube matching the capacity of your X13 Auger.


A versatile collection of grain handling equipment is available from Wheatheart.  Their patented SuperSweep  system scrapes bin floors and in one pass takes everything with only kernels remaining.  These can be adapted to fit any diameter so it is the only sweep you need.  With self-propelled transport kits, one person can move the largest auger with ease, up to and including 53' 10" augers. 


On the smaller side of things, a 9' poly transfer is available and weighs just 125 pounds, and can be stored horizontally on semi trailers for legal transport.  Come explore all the options we can build for you!


New Batco BCX2 1549FL Conveyor

Batco 1590.jpg

New Batco BCX2 Conveyor

The BCX2 Field Loaders have been engineered for ease of maintenance, optimized containment and maximum speed.  This new Conveyor comes in 39'/44'/49' lengths with 15" Wide Belt and 10" Tube Diameter.  Capacity up to 10,000 bu/hr.  Key changes with this new Batco BCX2

  • Narrow Hopper clearance at the transition, so you can get into tighter spaces

  • Upgraded Hopper Cloth frame which is stronger and easier to change.

  • Removable Skid Plate under intake hopper to protect the belt from damage and to stop debris from getting onto the belt and into your Truck or Airseeder!

  • Enhanced intake design and transition for increased flow

  • Angle Indicator for positioning

  • S-Drive Tension Indicators for easy adjustment

  • High Performance Grip Tires on BCX2 1549 FMD


*********************Drive Options************************


S-Drive, Undermount or Top Mount Gas Drive with Soft Start Electric Clutch 

Electric Top Drive 

Hydraulic or Electric

Optional Heavy-Duty Mover Kit 


Specialty crops, seed, and some commodities are very sensitive to impact damage caused by traditional grain auger assemblies.  A Batco Belt Conveyor minimizes the impact damage and helps protect grade quality and germination performance of seed.  These are built rugged, with high quality two ply rubber belting, rated at 3,000 hours.  Their unique design requires half the horsepower of screw augers, saving energy and freeing up larger tactors for other purposes.  Choose from gas, electric, PTO, hydraulic or gas/hydraulic combo drives, and add options like integral swing hoppers or portable transfers to further customize.  These versatile units are easy to clean, and with lengths from 28 feet to 247 feet, there is guaranteed to be one for your operation.  Give us a call and let us arrange a custom built conveyor for you today!


Take the guesswork out of Seed Treating The STORM FX provides the ultimate seed treating solution for modern-day farming operations.  The STORM FX builds on the success of previous models, by refining key functions based on consultation with current users.  The STORM FX has been engineered for accuracy, flexibility and mobility, gentle seed handling and easy clean-out, all while reducing user exposure.  STORM FX accurately measures untreated seed directly from the bin, precisely meters and applies the seed treatment, gently mixes the seed for consistent, even coverage and then transfers the treated seed into the truck, ready to be planted in the field.  The simplified process provided by the STORM FX reduces user exposure, making in-the-yard seed treating safe, simple and convenient, while giving you total control over the seed treating process. 




Westcap AG Hoppers are supplied through SW Saskatchewan by Bono Holidngs.  The Hopper is made of 16-gauge steel, with industrial strength belting.  It is fastened around the top edge so that it can mould itself to the bottom of the bin to stop grain from spilling out while auguring. This belting also prevents the negative effects that wind can have when auguring your product from the bins. The Hopper has a foam barrier between your auger and the hopper to stop grain from vibrating out. The Hopper is held onto your auger by a ratchet strap.

The Hopper is designed to attach easily to any auger. The Hopper weighs just 45 lbs so it makes taking The Hopper on and off very easy.  The Hopper is simple to clean out,  only half a shovel full of product left over, which can be cleaned out through a clean-out door.

The Hopper can stay on your auger for transportation. Simply pull the jack out of the collar and install the factory hitch.  The Hopper comes in five models: 6", 8", 10", 12" and 13" inch auger.

The Hopper has an adjustable jack that fits into a collar at the end of the auger to hold your hopper and auger tight to the bin so there is no spilling.

The other feature of the jack is to hold your auger off the ground when in storage. You put the jack in the top hole loosen the ratchet strap and flip the hopper to keep out all the weather elements.

 Lump Buster

Used to breakup hard or lumpy fertilizer, the Lump Buster can sit inside The Hopper for farm use under fertilizer bins or can be mounted to any fertilizer leg, rail site or have legs added to the Lump buster to stand over a any conveyor.

The Lump Buster sits inside The Hopper and is made to fit 8", 10" and 12" augers.

Made from 3/16 mild or stainless steel, the shafts are 1 inch diameter with 5/16 studs welded to them. The lump buster is driven by hydraulic or electrical motors. The Bearings are an all poly housing with a triple seal on the back and a dust cap on the front to keep all the fertilizer dust out.

Commercial Lump Buster


The commercial unit is much larger with 6 rollers and is driven by an electric motor. We also have our Commercial Lump buster for any fertilizer plant. Can be installed with hydraulic or electric drive. Uses 6 studed rollers to have enough capictiy to keep up to the largest of fertilizer legs or conveyors

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