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Water Tanks, Troughs and Pumps



Living alongside the Great Sandhills, we understand how important it is to get water when you need it! Getting water to your thirsty herd is not negotiable.  Hold-On can help you with that.  With tough, durable water troughs up to 550 Imperial Gallons and a variety of water tanks, we have something to serve every purpose.  We carry upright and low profile tanks, suitable for potable water, stock water, or fertilizer in a variety of sizes and Colours.  Come talk to us today and we can find something to suit your needs! 

Power Ease Pumps

These centrifugal aluminum water pumps are designed to be a high quality product with affordability in mind.

Hy Spec Water Pumps

These reliable centrifugal type water pumps feature a cast iron impeller and volute, low level oil alert, and a recoil start. Come see us today about purchasing a new water pump!

Honda Water Pumps

Honda makes water, transfer, trash, and high pressure pumps that are powered by reliable, fuel efficient, 4-stroke Honda engines. People trust these pumps becasue of the exclusive technology, reliable features, and details, such as solidly constructed cast iron impellers, that make a difference.

Banjo Fittings

Since 1959 Banjo has been a leading manufacturer of liquid handling products that serve both agricultural and industrial applications. Their vast array of products include valves, electrical valves, manifold systems, dry-disconnects, IBC/Tank accessories, cam lever couplings, pipe fittings, line strainers, and pumps.

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